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Graduation Celebrations

                         Graduation Party Planner

        Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!  It's time to 
   celebrate and every great party needs good food.  Here are some
          tips to help you with the food choices for your gathering.

Date and Time.  There may be many similar celebrations planned on the same day.  If yours is the first that your guests will attend they are likely to come hungry.  Later in the day, they may have nibbled their way through several parties and may not come with much of an appetite.

Indoors or Outdoors. Whether your celebration is at home, in a park or a rented hall, you will want your food to be under shelter.  Even if you expect that your guests will enjoy a beautiful day outdoors, your food buffet will hold better in indoor temperatures.  Consider serving your guests indoors and letting them carry their food outside to join the other guests.

Seating.  Unless you have arranged for table seating for everyone, most of your guests will eat from a plate that they hold in their hand.  Food should be simple to eat - finger food or foods that require only a fork, but nothing that needs to be cut with a knife.

It's sometimes hard to know how many guests will come and how much food to prepare.  Some of your guests will be family and your celebration is the only one they will attend.  They are likely to stay longer and eat more.  You can help to control portion size by the size of the plate you provide.  Your guests can always help themselves to a second serving if they are still hungry.  Barbecue or sandwich meats can be served on cocktail size rolls or small buns rather than a much larger Kaiser roll.  Meats are the most expensive food item and will serve many more if portion sizes are somewhat controlled.  Some of your food should be held in reserve so that your buffet can be replenished as needed.

Cost.  You can stretch your food budget by catering only those items you do not want to prepare yourself.  Chips, drinks and rolls can be purchased inexpensively at your grocery or discount food store.  We are pleased to work with you to create a menu that works within your budget.

Consider these ideas for your event:

         Taco/Nacho Bar

                      Seasoned ground beef, nacho cheese, lettuce, tomatoes,
                               olives, onions, shredded cheese, sour cream,
                                                    guacamole and salsa
                                           served with soft flour tortillas
                                                   and corn tortilla chips
                                       to build your own taco or nachos.

                                                 Party for 25 ..... $165.95
Additional servings $5.95 per person

                                              (Serving size is two tacos or 1 tray of nachos)

Hot Sandwiches

                                     Barbecued beef or pulled pork served
                                on a 3 inch roll, baked beans, potato salad
                                                        and pasta salad.

                                               Party for 25 ..... $185.95
                                                     Additional servings  $6.95 per person.
                                       (Serving size is 1 sandwich plus 1/2 cup of each side.)   

                                                    Cold Sandwiches

                        Turkey club, ham and swiss, or cashew chicken salad
                                   served on a large cocktail roll, assembled
                                     and wrapped individually for freshness,
                                        condiment platter including lettuce,
                                sliced tomato, dill spread and spicy mustard.

                                                   Platter of 25 ...... $85.95 
                                                           Additional sandwiches  $3.25 each                          

                                              Fresh Vegetable Trays
                                     Your favorite fresh veggies for dipping,
                        including baby carrots, celery, cauliflower, broccoli,
                      cucumber and cherry tomatoes served with ranch dip.

                                     12 inch tray (serves 10-15) ...... $18.95
                                     16 inch tray (serves 20-25) ...... $32.95


                                                         Spinach Dip Bread Bowl

                        The perfect companion to fresh veggies ...... $18.50

                                            By the Gallon                         

                                Red Skin Potato Salad ................ $27.50
                                            Cole Slaw ........................ $21.50
                                Classic Italian Pasta Salad ........... $27.50
                       Fresh Garden Salad with Dressings .......... $27.50
                             (assorted lettuces, baby greens, tomatoes and cucumber)   
                                            Fresh Fruit Salad .......... $42.50
                                                Baked Beans ............ $27.50

                  All of the items on this menu are served in disposable containers.
     Warm foods will require transfer to a crock pot or chaffing dish to maintain temperature.

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